Android App

Storey Marketing can bundle your mobile-friendly website into an attractive Android App available in the Google Play store for all your customers with Android smart phones and tablets for the amazingly low price of just $299!

We can create an app that directs users to your home page, a featured section or area of your site, or even custom landing page at the press of a button. From there, your entire website is available at your customers’ fingertips. Doing this also makes your website and services easier to discover. This is accomplished both directly because your app can be searched for in the Google Play store, and indirectly because you website is linked to from Google’s listing for your app.

By getting into the Google Play store, you’re not only making your website more accessible to current and potential visitors using Android devices, but you can effectively raise your search engine ranking and increase your Internet presence at the same time.

Act Now and Stay Ahead of the Curve

Google’s recent changes to their search—both rewarding mobile-friendly websites and featuring Play store apps more readily in search results—makes this offer so exciting. This fact combined with our low introductory rate—makes this product indispensable to any of our clients wanting to stay ahead of the curve, and do so affordably.

What you get:

  • Android App with high-resolution App icon
  • Google play store listing with feature graphic, screenshots, short and long descriptions
  • Links on your existing site to the App listing, along with the Google play emblem
  • $299 – this low price makes the Android App an excellent investment!

Android Apps Developed by Storey Marketing

Storey Marketing App Icon
Volunteer Pharmacy App Icon
ClearSpring Pharmacy App Icon

Example Feature Graphic

Apps Running on Android Devices

Volunteer Pharmacy App on Cell Phone
Volunteer Pharmacy App on 10-inch Tablet