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Customized Brochures

Our compounding brochures are now FULLY CUSTOMIZED, i.e., branded with your colors and logo and photos to coordinate with your other digital and print materials, with text customized for your practice.

These 6 panel, tri-fold brochures may be ordered individually or as part of a package. Topics Include:

  • BHRT for Men and Women
  • BHRT for Women
  • BHRT for Men
  • General Compounding
  • Pain Management
  • Dermatology
  • Dental Compounding
  • Palliative Care
  • Pediatric Compounding
  • Veterinary Compounding
  • LDN

Customized brochure pricing for individual brochures (one type):
#500 (minimum)/$499 • #1000/$649 • #2000/$999 • Shipping additional

Starter Package pricing (minimum #250 of each brochure and in increments of #250):
#250 of each of 4 brochures $999
#250 of each of 5 brochures $1249
#250 of each of 6 brochures $1399
#250 of each of 7 brochures $1549
#250 of each of 8 brochures $1699
Shipping Additional
Larger packages and other quantities are available. Please call for pricing.

TO ORDER, call 814.337.3441, email or complete the following form:


View standard brochure content, which can be customized for your pharmacy. Please call 814-337-3441 for a temporary password.

Storey Marketing can also design completely UNIQUE brochures to highlight your specific services. Inquire for details.